Artisanal spirits, regionally sourced, sustainably produced, all from natural ingredients.

The Craft Spirits Berlin Festival is Europe’s most important podium for handmade spirits. Distilleries and spirits manufacturers present their products here every year and attract restaurateurs, bartenders, specialist dealers and an interested lay audience.

Due to the corona pandemic, the 10th Craft Spirits Berlin Festival cannot take place this year either. We regret this decision and are currently working at full speed to develop an alternative for you.

All registrations we have received as exhibitors for the CSB Festival 2022 remain in place and apply to the next event. Whether it’s an exhibition stand, Spotlight or Craft Cocktail Bar: Exhibitors already have the opportunity to apply for the Craft Spirits Berlin Festival 2023.




  • Craftsmanship

  • Made of Natural Ingredients

  • Without Artificial Additives

  • Without Genetic Engineering