Artisanal spirits, regionally sourced, sustainably produced, all from natural ingredients.

Craft Spirits Berlin is in its ninth round. On March 7th/8th 2020 it’s showtime again for handcrafted spirits! For two days, distilleries and liquor manufacturers will present their products: fruit brandies, gin, rum, whisky, mezcal, vodka, akvavit, cognac, and absinth … They are all handcrafted, contain only natural ingredients, and are made by independent producers. Spirits full of esprit.

Craft Spirits Berlin is Europe’s premier event for handcrafted spirits. It brings together craft distillers with restaurateurs, buyers for retail, wholesale, and F&B managers. At the same time, the festival is open to a non-professional public and passionate connoisseurs. An ambitious program makes the event even more attractive.

  • Craftsmanship

  • Made of Natural Ingredients

  • Without Artificial Additives

  • Without Genetic Engineering

Our Craft Manifesto

  • Artisanal traditional production by small distilleries
  • Independent distilleries without corporate shareholders
  • Free of artificial and synthetic additives, no preservatives
  • Free of flavoring extracts
  • Free of artificial sugar substitutes
  • Free of GMOs

Craft Spirits with Soul

Craft spirits are the alternative to industrial production line goods. Craft spirits bespeak an entire movement: Young distillers rediscover old craft knowledge because they are fed up with soulless mass produced liquor.

The result are craft spirits: handmade, regionally rooted from small-batch distilleries, produced exclusively from natural ingredients with full consideration for the environment.