Special Awards 2022

Craft Spirits Berlin Awards 2022 – Special Awards

Once a year, Craft Spirits Berlin awards special prizes for outstanding achievements in the field of craft spirits. The “Special Awards” honour products, producers, personalities, inventions and developments that advance the technology, culture, communication and perception of Craft Spirits:

Craft Spirits Berlin – Special Awards

Female Craft Distiller of the Year 2022

“Female Craft Distiller of the Year” honours women with a special commitment to craft spirits.


  • Maria de la Luz, San Luis Potosí (Mex)
  • Ina Kirschner, Marktrodach (D)
  • Sofie Masson, Bad Griesbach (D)

Maria de la Luz

San Luis Potosí (Mex)

San Luis Potosí, capital of the state of the same name, 800,000 inhabitants, situated at an altitude of 1,800 meters, 450 kilometers north of Mexico City. Thirty years ago, there were over eighty mezcal distilleries here; today there are only three. They owe their survival to Maria de la Luz. In her mid-fifties, she fights to preserve traditional mezcal production; she is the guardian of a craft heritage and a unique distillation style that is gradually becoming extinct. At the age of 24, she began what would become her life’s work. Together with her family, she now produces some of Mexico’s finest agave spirits, now marketed under the “Campanilla” brand and now attracting international attention. – Craft Spirits Berlin awards Maria de la Luz the title “Female Craft Distiller of the Year 2022”.

Young Craft Distiller of the Year 2022

“Young Craft Distiller of the Year” goes to producers up to the age of 30.


  • Florian Kuenz, Dölsach (A)
  • Monika Tinnauer, Gamlitz (A)
  • Philipp Wuchner, Heuweiler (D)

Monika Tinnauer

Gamlitz (A)

Does she have Craft Spirits in her blood? Maybe. In any case, distilling was laid in her cradle: Monika Tinnauer, born in 1991, is the young generation at the Tinnauer fruit distillery on Gamlitzberg in Styria, an hour south of Graz, Slovenia around the corner. Her father Franz founded the distillery in 1990, and Monika has been involved since 2015, with great passion at the still in addition to sales and marketing. The products include traditional brandies from apricot, Kriecherl and pear quince, Sauvignon pomace brandy and a plum cigar brandy. Alongside these are innovations in which you can read the young woman’s handwriting: a juniper distillate, the fine bitter Zita and even a rum. – Craft Spirits Berlin awards Monika Tinnauer the title “Young Craft Distiller of the Year 2022”.

Outstanding Innovation 2022

“Outstanding Innovation” recognises inventiveness and further developments.


  • Andreas Liebminger, Paasdorf (A)
  • Katrin Schray, Baiersbronn-Schönmünzach (D)
  • Verband Badischer Klein- & Obstbrenner, Appenweier (D)

Andreas Liebminger

Paasdorf (A)

Everyone wants the good stuff! In fruit distilling, this is the middle run, the heart, the distillate with the full, pure fruit aroma. What then runs out of the cooler is undesirable because it is not very tasty: the after-run. Andreas Liebminger from Paasdorf, Austria, has developed a process with which the middle run and the after-run can be precisely separated. This is based on the changing electrical conductivity of the distillate, which precisely indicates the “N-point,” the wake separation point. Andreas Liebminger is a graduate chemist, at the same time a fine spirits sommelier and passionate distiller with a soft spot for wild fruit and historical recipes. His invention combines craft and science, tradition and innovation. – Craft Spirits Berlin awards Dr. Andreas Liebminger the title “Outstanding Innovation 2022”.

Best in Tradition 2022

„Best in Tradition“ zeichnet eine lebendige Traditionspflege aus.


  • A. H. Johannsen, Flensburg (D)
  • Der Krautinger Gemeinschaftsprojekt, Wildschönau (A)
  • Meissener Spezialitätenbrennerei, Klipphausen (D)

Der Krautinger Gemeinschaftsprojekt

Wildschönau (A)

Its starting product is the stubble beet, its taste is vegetable, its origin is strictly limited: Only in the Wildschönau, the Tyrolean high valley southwest of Kufstein, may Krautinger schnapps be distilled. In the middle of the 18th century, 51 of the farmers living here were granted the special distilling right by Empress Maria Theresia; today, 16 farms still produce the beet brandy. Since 2005, the municipality of Wildschönau, the tourism association and the distillers have been working together to market this local rarity. In October, the Krautinger Week takes place, a brochure guides visitors to the Krautinger producers, and once a year the “Krautinger of the Year” is chosen. Together, they have thus managed to breathe new life into the historic spirit specialty. – Craft Spirits Berlin awards the title “Best in Tradition 2022” to the joint project Der Krautinger.

Craft Spirits Newcomer of the Year 2022

“Craft Spirits Newcomer of the Year” recognises newcomers who show great commitment.


  • Capreolus Distillery, Stratton (GB)
  • Destillerie Willmann, Kressbronn (D)
  • Spiritus Rex, Bad Malente (D)

Capreolus Distillery

Stratton (GB)

Can you call him an obsessive? Barney Wilczak distills fruit brandies with the utmost precision in a rather untypical region: the Cotswolds in the southwest of England, a gently rolling hilly landscape not far from Bristol. After years of working as a photojournalist, he set up shop in his parents’ former greenhouse with two copper stills – the Capreolus Distillery. His raw material: fruit from the immediate surroundings, meticulousness, time, the courage to make mini-quantities. Only in the best harvest years are fruits processed, wild yeasts take over the spontaneous fermentation, the distillation process takes place in raw and fine brandy. The results are distinctive brandies with a strong character, including quince, peach, plum, apple, raspberry and black currant. Highest quality for quality obsessives. – Craft Spirits Berlin awards Barney Wilczak and Capreolus Distillery the title “Craft Spirits Newcomer of the Year 2022”.