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Craft Spirits Berlin is dedicated to independent producers working with artisanal spirits from A to Z, from absinthe to Zwetschgenwasser (plum brandy). Handcrafted spirits proudly offer a corrective alternative to industrial mass production. Exhibitors from Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Israel, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Martinique, Estonia, Denmark, Japan, Italy and other countries already joined the festival.

The two-day trade show brings together craft distillers with restaurateurs, buyers for retail, wholesale, and F&B managers. At the same time, the festival is open to a non-professional public and passionate connoisseurs. Craft Spirits Berlin is Europe’s first event exclusively dedicated to artisanal spirits.

Sales Kit for Craft Distillers

Package S

Our small stand offers you the possibility to present your products with little transport effort at a low cost. We provide a part of a table: 95 cm (l) x 82 cm (d), and electricity 220 V, 1 KW.

All-inclusive fee: 320 Euro

Package S: Terms and Conditions
• The producer must be on site
• You may only rent one Package S per customer
• The presented products and brands must be the same as those of the hiring company
• Your individual roll up may measure 85 cm (w) maximum
• We provide a part of a table, additional furnishing is not possible

Package S

Package L plus

Package L Plus

Our big stand allows for participation in the show with maximal freedom. We provide an exhibition area of 1,75 m (w) x 1,50 m (d) and an additionally a counter.

All-inclusive fee: 875 Euro

Package L Plus: Terms and Conditions
• You can book and combine several Packages L Plus
• The presented products and brands must be the same as those of the hiring company
• We provide a counter, further furnishing by the exhibitor is possible

Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors (German)