Day 1: Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Stage 1: Tastings

13:00 / Tasting

Spirituosen schmecken wie ein Experte (Lecture in German)

Emmanuel Rosier – Sommelier

Emmanuel Rosier

Born in Beaujolais, raised in Africa, best sommelier in New Zealand - Emmanuel Rosier is a globetrotter. Since 2018 he has been running restaurants in Zurich and Bad Gastein.

14:00 / Tasting

Destillation & Mazeration: Gin selber machen? (Lecture in German)

Ludwig Schlak – Nordbrand Nordhausen

Ludwig Schlak

Ludwig Schlak has been a distiller at Nordbrand Nordhausen since 2016 and is currently active in product development.

15:00 / Tasting

Gibt es Zucker in meinem Drink? (Lecture in German)

Arno Dirker – Verband zuckerfreier Destillateure

Arno Dirker

In 2019, the Association of Sugarfree Distillers was founded to ensure that sugar-free distillates can be officially described as "dry".

16:00 / Tasting

Low Sugar Cocktails. A Declaration of Love

Filip Bochenski – Fabelei Bar

Filip Bochenski

Filip Bochenski is Head Bartender at Fabelei, which he founded with Anastasia Schöck. The Fabelei is a bright cocktail bar in Berlin Schöneberg, which cultivates aperitif culture and serves cocktail stories.

17:00 / Tasting

Ming River? Baijiu für Erwachsene! (Lecture in German)

Matthias Heger – Ming River

Matthias Heger

Matthias Heger fell in love with Baijiu during his stays in China, together with Simon Dang, Bill Isler and Derek Sandhaus he brought Ming River to life.

18:00 / Tasting

Der Gin-Trend: Erfahrungen mit einer jungen Brennerei (Lecture in German)

Jan Kreutz – Berlin Distillery

Jan Kreutz

In its Berlin Distillery, founded in 2019, Kreutz produces various sustainable gins on a small still, with special Signature Botanicals. In seminars he passes on his knowledge to gin lovers.

Stage 2: Lectures and Panel Discussions

13:30 / Lecture

Von „Aqua ardens“ bis Alkopop: Eine kurze Geschichte der Spirituosen (Lecture in German)

Werner Albrecht – Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

Werner Albrecht

Werner Albrecht is Germany's most famous fine spirits officer. He works in the Wine, Beer, Beverage Industry Department of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

14:30 / Lecture

Von der Heimat der Craft-Destillen (Lecture in German)

Friedrich Springob – „Kleinbrennerei“

Friedrich Springob

Friedrich Springob is a humanities scholar and, as far as spirits are concerned, an autodidact. As an editor of the trade journal Kleinbrennerei he has already discovered many true spirits treasures.

15:30 / Lecture

Edelbrennerei Dirker: Die hohe Kunst des Destillierens (Lecture in German)

Arno Dirker – Edelbrennerei Dirker

Arno Dirker

Arno Josef Dirker started distilling schnapps in the mid-1980s – initially as a hobby. In 2019 he was awarded the gold medal for the best distiller in Germany by the Ministry of Agriculture (DLG award).

16:30 / Lecture

Mit Samurai-Seele: Gin und Botanical Spirits aus Japan (Lecture in German)

Munehiro Sata & Yoshiko Ueno-Müller – Akayane Distillery

Yoshiko Ueno-Müller

Yoshiko Ueno-Müller is the CEO of UENO GOURMET and distributes the products of Akayane distillery in Europe.

Munehiro Sata

The Owner of AKAYANE is obsessed by distillation. With 9 different custom-made potstils, he captures the flavours of Japan in Sweet Potato Shochu.

17:30 / Lecture

Alles über Shrubs. Das Einmaleins der essiggesäuerten Fruchtsirupe (Lecture in German)

Damien Guichard – Truffle Pig Bar

Damien Guichard

Born in France, Damien Guichard came to Berlin as a translator. Above all, he gained knowledge of bars, spirits and cocktails. He now is the head bartender at Truffle Pig.

Day 2: Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Stage 1: Tastings

13:00 / Tasting

Zuckerrohr = Rum = süß? (Lecture in German)

Dirk Becker – German Rum Festival

Dirk Becker

Dirk Becker is founder of the German Rum Festival and the Rum Depot, he organises seminars and tastings. As an international jury member he regularly visits distilleries, rum is his passion.

14:00 / Tasting

Weshalb Rum die komplexeste Spirituose der Welt ist und woran man Nieten erkennt (Lecture in German)

Nicolas Kröger – Bar Wagemut

Nicolas Kröger

Spirits expert and bartender Nicolas Kröger run the retail store Rum Depot in Berlin Schöneberg, 2018 he opened the bar Wagemut in Kreuzberg. Under the label N. Kröger fine spirits he also produces his own spirits.

15:00 / Tasting

Craft News from Quebec: Discover Extraordinary Gins from Quebec!

Jean-François Cloutier – Association des micro-distilleries du Québec

Jean-François Cloutier

Jean-François Cloutier is the president of the Association des Micro-distilleries du Québec and at the same time founder and production manager of the Distillerie du St. Laurent.

16:00 / Tasting

The Rebirth of Tequila

David Suro Piñera – Siembra Spirits

David Suro Piñera

Piñera, born in Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco, the heartland of tequila production, is working to rediscover traditions and original production methods.

17:00 / Tasting

The Magic of Koji Behind Sake and Shochu: What You Can Learn from Traditional Japanese Fermentation Methods

Eriko Jitsukata & Markus Shimizu – Ueno Gourmet

Eriko Jitsukata

Eriko Jitsukata is sake sommeliere and a true expert in rice wine from Japan.

Markus Shimizu

Markus Shimizu is the founder of Mimi Ferments. He grew up in Japan and studied art in Düsseldorf. In Berlin he dedicated himself to the Japanese kitchen craft of fermentation.

Stage 2: Lectures and Panel Discussions

12:30 / Lecture

Frauen in der Spirituosenwelt. Ein Feiertagstalk (Discussion In German)

Caroline Adam, Lisa Bauer – DeVin, Franziska Bischof – Edelbrennerei Bischof, Magdalena Korkasz – Bean, Joanna Rathenow – Mexilove

Caroline Adam

The graphic designer and former bar chef Caroline Adam develops concepts and content for companies in the bar industry. She conveys her knowledge in lectures and workshops.

Lisa Bauer

Lisa Bauer from Styria creates recipes like a perfumer, her creations are opulent and remain in memory. She created DeVin Gin and Wermute from Gelber Muskateller and Uhudler.

Franziska Bischof

The Edelbrandsommelière Franziska Bischof is the fourth generation of the Franconian family distillery. As "Die Brennerin“ she has injected new spirit into the business, giving priority to local ingredients.

Magdalena Korkasz

After stops in many cocktail bars, bartender Magdalena Korkasz is now at home in the Berlin wine bar Bean.

Joanna Rathenow

Joanna Rathenow brings people together with her tomato schnapps Mexilove. What began as a self-created product for friends has already found many fans in Berlin's pubs and bars.

13:30 / Lecture

Mainland-Whiskys: So finden Sie sich in einem Post-Brexit-Europa zurecht (Lecture in German)

Bernd Schäfer – Master of the Quaich

Bernd Schäfer

Bernd Schäfer is a food and spirits consultant, he has worked as juror for spirit competitions and has held lectures on whisky for many years. In 1996 he became a Keeper of the Quaich, in 2007 a Master. Bernd Schäfer is co-founder of the European Network of Spirit Experts.

14:30 / Lecture

Pure Spirits Floating in a Sea of Cocktails

Jon Cooper – Beavis Bar

Jon Cooper

Trained photographer Rik Lusing met American pub owner Jon Cooper in France where they realized they share a passion for unique spirits. This brought them to Berlin where they opened a tasting bar for the finest distillates in 2018. The Beavis Bar now have 800 craft spirits in their "library". In 2019 Beavis won the "Farm to Shaker Bar" award.

15:30 / Lecture

300 Jahre Trinkkultur in Berlin (Lecture in German)

Peter Eichhorn

Peter Eichhorn

Peter Eichhorn is an independent food journalist. He explores the fermenting vats, barrel cellars and distilleries of this world and works as a presenter and jury member for beverage and bar competitions.

16:30 / Lecture

Der Natur auf die Finger geschaut – was ist eigentlich ein Aroma? (Lecture in German)

Kai Oliver Binder – ADM Wild

Kai Oliver Binder

Kai Oliver Binder, food technologist from Berlin, has had close professional ties to flavours for more than 25 years.

17.30 / Lecture

Wo die Profis trinken. Bar-Journalisten geben Einblick (Discussion in German)

Alexandra Bühler –, Liv Fleischhacker –, Robert Schröter – Berlin ArtisanBar.Camp

Alexandra Bühler

Alexandra Bühler is an IT-Specialist and drink connoisseur who is traveling the world, tasting drinks and writing about it on

Liv Fleischhacker

Liv Fleischhacker has worked as a food and drinks writer since 2014, she co-runs the bar blog Berlin Drinks. Liv is also the co-founder of the Jewish food festival Nosh Berlin.

Robert Schröter

As Mixology author, bartender, bar operator and organizer of the Craft Cocktails Festival, Robert Schröter is mashing up the Berlin bar scene. He is also in charge for und the podcasts "Cocktailende Nachtschwärmer" und Eastern Shakes.

Curated by Valerie Chartrain,