Day 1: Saturday 2 March, 2019

Stage 1: Tastings

12:30 / Tasting

Drinks & Desserts. The Art of Food Pairing

René Frank - CODA Dessert Dining & Bar

René Frank

Star Patissier René Frank and Oliver Bischoff founded the CODA Dessert Bar in Berlin, Germany's first dessert bar.

13:30 / Tasting

Fermentation 101

Markus Shimizu - Mimi Ferments, Robert Schröter - Kupfer Bar

Markus Shimizu

Markus Shimizu grew up in Japan and studied art in Düsseldorf. In Berlin he dedicated himself to the Japanese kitchen craft of fermentation.

Robert Schröter

As Mixology author, bartender, bar operator and organizer of the constantly growing Craft Cocktails Festival, Robert Schröter is mashing up the Berlin bar scene. Not least with his own fermentation programs in his Kupfer Bar!

14:30 / Tasting

Preservation for the seasonal bar – Ferments, Shrubs & Distillates

Ruben Neideck - Velvet Bar

Ruben Neideck

2018 Farm-to-Shaker Bartender Ruben Neideck's professional career took him through the most important bars of the capital, and he's now head of the Velvet Bar in Berlin-Neukölln.

15:30 / Tasting

The Soul of the fruits. Pure and Mixed

Lorenz Humbel - Humbel Brennerei, Anne Linden - Bar am Steinplatz

Lorenz Humbel

Lorenz Humbel is running his family business in the third generation. His passionate work is dedicated to unmixed Cherry Brandies. He is one of the pioneers in organic spirits.

Anne Linden

The musuem scientist Anne Linden set off her barkeeping career at the Curtain Club. Since April 2017 she has been serving contemporary drink creations in the Bar am Steinplatz. Anne took part in the German Final of the World Class Barkeeper Competition.

16:30 / Tasting

Sipping History: The Taste of Forgotten Spirits (in English)

Guillaume Ferroni - Maison Ferroni

Guillaume Ferroni

Guillaume Ferroni is passionate about old cocktail recipe books and forgotten spirits. He recreates them in his distillery based in the South of France.

17:30 / Tasting

Cravan: a modern Paris Café, a new vision of bar (in English)

Franck Audoux & Youssef Louanjli - Cravan

Franck Audoux

Paris based Franck Audoux is the co-owner of Cravan, he has launched IN GOOD COMPANY, a series of events during which renowned bartenders creations are paired with food, as well as FICTIONS, telling cocktails’ stories. He has just completed French Modern, a book on cocktails of the 1920s and 1930s.

Stage 2: Lectures and panel discussions

13:00 / Lecture

What can craft spirits learn from natural wines and craft beer?

Panel discussion with Theresa Bullmann - L'Atelier du Bouilleur, Katharina Kurz - Brlo, Johannes Schellhorn - Freundschaft, Alexandra Rehberger - Viniculture

Theresa Bullmann

Theresa Bullmann happened to come across L'Atelier du Bouilleur and has become an outstanding distiller in Southern France.

Katharina Kurz

Katharina Kurz discovered her interest and passion for craft beer abroad and founded Brlo in Berlin with two childhood friends.

Johannes Schellhorn

The Austrian sommelier Johannes Schellhorn plays a crucial role in the Berlin wine scene. After some years at Nobelhart und Schmutzig Johannes just opened the exquisite wine bar named Freundschaft.

Alex Rehberger

Alexandra Rehberger is a trained sommelière with a WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits. She was restaurant manager and sommelier at Cinco by Paco Perez until she started Viniculture.

14:00 / Lecture

The Dilemma and the Paradox: Is craft always organic, is organic always craft?

Josef Farthofer - Farthofer Brennerei

Josef Farthofer

Josef Farthofer has been running a full-cap distillery in the Austrian Mostviertel since 2003. From the beginning it was completely geared towards organic products.

15:00 / Lecture

From raw materials to recycling. What sustainability offers to producers and consumers (in English)

Erwan Castain - Pimlica

Erwan Castain

Eleonore Tavernier and Erwan Castain created Pimlica to help companies to become sustainable and have a predilection for spirits. Erwan Castain is also behind the vodka ORBE.

16:00 / Lecture

Notes of wood. Everything about barrels and their influence on spirits

Markus Eder - Wilhelm Eder

Markus Eder

Markus Eder from the well known Wilhelm Eder manufacture is one of the most renowned German experts on the influence of wood of spirits.

17:00 / Lecture

How to spark a Revolution in the (Western) Distillation World (in English)

Mikko Mykkänen - Helsinki Distilling Company

Mikko Mykkänen

Mikko Mykkänen is cofounder of and master distiller at the Helsinki Distilling Company. In 2018 the creative mastermind won the DESTILLE BERLIN award for outstanding innovation.

18:00 / Lecture

The Natural Booze Manifesto

Theresa Bullmann - L'Atelier du Bouilleur

Theresa Bullmann

Theresa Bullmann happened to come across L'Atelier du Bouilleur and has become an outstanding distiller in southern France.

Day 2: Sunday 3 March, 2019

Stage 1: Tasting

from 12:30 / Tasting

12:30 / Tasting

A matter of taste – How we differ, and why the spirits industry should listen (in English)

Angela Loi - A Passion for Wine & Loivini

Angela Loi

Angela Loi, a certified sommelier founded the platform Loivini. It supports wine lovers in finding out about personal preferences and gain more confidence in choosing the right wine for your palate.

13:30 / Tasting

From Mexico to Madeira: Rum made of fresh sugar cane juice

Pascal Kählin - J. B. Labat

Pascal Kählin

Pascal Kählin is bartender, master distiller and one of the renowned rum ambassadors of the GSA.

14:30 / Tasting

A Japanese and a Chinese Twist: Sake, Baijiu & Cocktails

Tuan Anh Nguyen - Wagner Cocktail Bistro, Dagmar Maas - A Sip of Sake, Matthias Heger - Ming River

Dagmar Maas

Dagmar Maas is a trained WSET® Certified Educator for sake and an importer of Sake produced by small artisanal distilleries.

Tuan Anh Nguyen

Tuan Anh Nguyen is bartender at the highly regarded Wagner's. This is where he keeps his collection of cocktail books.

Matthias Heger

Matthias Heger fell in love with Baijiu during his stays in China and founded Ming River together with Simon Dang, Bill Isler and Derek Sandhaus.

15:30 / Tasting

Herbal pleasures & the Return of the Anis (in English)

Guillaume Ferroni - Maison Ferroni

Guillaume Ferroni

Guillaume Ferroni is passionate about forgotten spirits and old cocktail recipe books and recreates them in his distillery based in the South of France.

16:30 / Tasting

Baked, Brewed, Distilled: how does grain taste?

Cathrin Brandes - Tidbits

Cathrin Brandes

Cathrin Brandes is a gastronomy consultant, food activist, blogger and author. She is known in the food scene for her pop-up projects, trend forecasts, food campaigns and is considered to be an advocate of genuine, best homemade foods.

Stage 2: Lectures and Panel Discussions

12:00 / Lecture

Reform of the European Spirits Regulation: Future changes in labelling of spirits

Werner Albrecht - BMEL

Werner Albrecht

Werner Albrecht is the Head of the Department of Wine, Beer and Beverage Economics at the BMEL.

13:00 / Lecture

Is there such thing as good Korn?

Panel Discussion with Rüdiger Sasse and Björn Bochinski - Sasse Brennerei, Johannes Schüller - Zorn Korn, Dirk Böckenhoff - Böckenhoff Brennerei

Dirk Böckenhoff

As a trained Edelbrand sommelier, he carries the highest consecrations in the industry. His distillery in Westphalia is the sixth generation to produce grain.

Rüdiger Sasse

The Sasse Feinbrennerei has been a family-owned distillery in Schöppingen, Münsterland for over 300 years. Rüdiger Sasse one of the most renowned distillers as well as a leader of the Korn Renaissance.

Björn Bochinski

Björn Bochinski has become the world's first brand ambassador for Korn: For the Sasse distillery he promotes Korn, a versatile and indispensable product for any high end bar.

Johannes Schüller

From squatter to music club owner to Korn producer. Hamburg-based Johannes Schüller is passionate about the renaissance of Korn.

14:00 / Lecture

"Grandpa, the cognac is mine!" The rediscovery of the eau-de-vie

Max von Olfers - und Sophie & Max Sélection

Max von Olfers

Max von Olfers and his sister Sophie are cognac farmers in 4th generation. In 2010 they founded the blog and an online shop for rare and artisanal cognacs. They produce the Cognac "Sophie & Max Sélection" as limited edition.

15:00 / Lecture

Taste and tales of German whiskies

Christian Schrade - Idea Distillers

Christian Schrade

Christian Schrade is a spirits sommelier, whisky consultant and managing director at the Idea Distillers, a Berlin-based company that supports distillers in marketing, communication and sales.

16.00 / Lecture

Does a Bitter made by a Ginger Have a Soul? A History and Taxonomy of Bitters (in English)

Brian Mazurek - The Bitter Ginger

Brian Mazurek

From Washington to California: Brian Mazurek is running his restaurants full of enthusiasm. His passion for bitters pushed his restaurant Post Ranch Inn to new heights.

Curated by Valerie Chartrain,